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Share and Make Aware was created by Flora Langel De Kock and Jen’a Fotheringham in April 2009. Jen’a stepped away in the following years but Flora Langel continued with the hope to educate the public. Over the years the concept has shifted from education of rare health conditions to generalized education of technological topics. In February 2020, Flora Langel teamed up with Miranda on a path that has made Share and Make Aware not only a certified non-profit out of Texas but is now working to advance itself to provide education in a myriad of ways to their community.

Projects vary from hardware supporting cybersecurity education firms that work with high schools, to storage for major not-for-profit rendering farms allowing the general public to learn how to use Blender.

We are also lucky to have a great rack space provider who supports our efforts, so thank you very much to Global IP Networks.

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