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Base Pricing

All base pricing is documented below as one-day rental or per hour for services provided. Discounts for multi-day will be provided via invoice and are dependent on the number of days for the project. Deposits are mandatory for physical hardware, however, the amount can be negotiated and/or waived if services are being rendered in a way to allow for it.

All estimate quotes will be generated using the documented base pricing and will be provided upon request. We currently accept PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp. Any other payment options would require confirmation prior to the agreement of the final invoice generation. Please note, all invoices and quotes are only provided through PayPal at this time.

Discounts will be documented per agreement. All sales are final unless a refund offer or deposit is documented in the invoice. Hardware assets are expected to be returned in an acceptable and like state from when received. Please see your invoice for all details and clarification.

Physical Hardware
Per Device
Base Pricing
Per Day
Deposit for anything unsupervised Virtual Hardware
Per Device
Base Pricing
Per Day
Per Person
Per Hour
Core Switch$57.50$287.50Virtual Machine$2.30Documentation$50.00
Cache Server$400.00$2,000.00Storage Space (1 Tb)$0.16Remote Training$50.00
Enterprise Switches$110.00$550.00FTP access$0.08Specialized knowledge$100.00
Router$5.00$25.00RTMP Server$0.50
Laptop$10.00$50.00Vmix rental$4.00
Enterprise Switches$80.00$400.00Windows licenses$0.35
Radio – Low End$35.00$175.00
Charging station (6 bay)$32.50$162.50
Charging station (single bay)$1.25$6.25
Earbud headset$1.95$9.75
Over head headset$4.25$21.25
Microphone – Wireless$35.00$175.00
Speaker – Low end$30.00$150.00
Speaker – High end$85.00$425.00

Any duct tape placed on rented equipment will incur a cleaning fee, amount subject to the time involved for removal.

Please use the form below to submit an inquiry to our team for an estimate.