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Share and Make Aware was created by Flora Langel De Kock and Jen’a Fotheringham in April 2009 with a goal to educate their community and the general public about a mutual health condition. They had both identified significant challenges in locating accurate medical resources about their rare condition and desired to help demystify others of it. Jen’a eventually stepped away in the following years but Flora Langel continued on with the hope to educate the public.

Our initial contribution to the Rosetta Folding statistics
Our initial contributions to the Rosetta Folding statistics as we brought our environments online.

Over the years, the concept evolved from education of just their rare health conditions to the desire to with education of general health and societal issues. Sharing a various collection of articles and documents of difficulties facing the communities.

It was in February 2020, Flora Langel and Miranda Schwarck started down the current path that has shaped Share and Make Aware into it’s current form. Miranda had the technological resources and bandwidth to help support folding data for processing COVID results to help find what would not work and what might to help combat the virus.

Customer shared chart of their statistics for Folding@Home for COVID research
Customer shared their statistics for Folding@Home for COVID research which reflects as the red line starting in the 90k on the first day.

As the end of June came, the medical community had neared the peak of identification what the novel virus was, how it behaved, and how to treat it, those resources were not as actively needed. But Miranda wanted to continue to help the community she was now living in. With Flora Langel’s networking resources they were able to identify groups and communities that might be in need of compute processing power, but lacking the funding to do so.

To best serve these groups, they mutually agreed to make Share and Make Aware a fully fledged non-profit bringing education technology to the young and old, focusing on not-for-profit and non-profit community support.

Since then, our projects have varied from:

  • providing hardware infrastructures for cybersecurity education firms that work with high schools
  • providing storage and compute power for not-for-profit rendering farms allowing the general public to learn how to use Blender,
  • helping educate event coordinators on the optimal resources to achieve their techological goals and/or providing services to them; saving them thousands of dollars while allowing a unique experience that is professional quality.

We are extremely grateful and honor to work with to our rack space provider who has supported our efforts from the very beginning, so thank you very much to Global IP Networks.

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